May 12, 2011

This week - a bit random

Apologies for the randomness of this!

Well tomorrow sees me volunteering for the first time, it's a community based initiative where you're only asked to commit to 30 minutes a week or an hour a fortnight.  I'm nervous but pleased to be doing it.  I'll be donating my.... "company" and hopefully it will make someone's afternoon not break it!

I'd hate to think loneliness would factor into any one's life but when you become more elderly, less mobile and less independent I'm guessing that meeting new people face to face becomes limited.  I'll hopefully not bore them to tears!  Happens to coincide with National Volunteering Week (May 9-15th) For more info click here Volunteering Australia

I've also decided to run a race, I don't intend to win it but I do intend to finish it.  It's a 5km fun run in early July on the outskirts of Melbourne.  I've been to a few events where the atmosphere is electric and I've seen all ages, shapes and sizes completing it and I say to myself "I could do that" well I bloomin am!  It will entail some effort and commitment though but I'm looking forward to the challenge, I miss challenges and hopefully this is a first of a few I'm aiming to set myself for this year. I will attempt not to run too much like Phoebe from Friends but will hopefully have as much fun as her!  I'll also be working out and have found some AWESOME inspiration!!

Now go workout everyone!

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