November 03, 2011

Recycled Market - Worth Checking Out!

New to the world wide web!

Recycled Market was launched this month, their About Us sums it up perfectly

"Recycled Market is a unique online venue that encourages buyers and sellers to reduce, reuse, redesign, refashion, rework and recycle as much as possible."

Here are a couple of my favourites

Cuff bracelets made using recycled plastic bottles, and covered with vintage fabric and lace from my rather large stash of thrift material - So cute! See more here

Hand crafted from old tins each metal recycled car is a different combination of colours and patterns. The cars are from Madagascar and are not only impressive because of the skill to make them but show an impressive ability to find value in something we assume is valueless. Super V Dubs! More here

Now please remember they are new and work is in progress but even Ebay and Etsy grew from a smaller dream to start.

Recycled Market can also be found on Facebook

October 06, 2011

A Tribute to - Buy Nothing New Month!!

I've been a big fan now for years of op shopping and recycling in general and I love the fact I am now meeting like minded people who see the value in buying second hand, preowned, preloved, recycled, upcycled....

The benefits are countless.

Buy Nothing New Month is a great campaign - See their website Buy Nothing New

They state

"Buy Nothing New is not about going without, nor is it Buy Nothing New Never.

It’s about taking October to reassess what we really need, think about where the stuff we buy comes from (finite resources), where it goes (landfill), and what our alternatives are.

It is about conscientious consumption and by not spending on stuff we don’t need, increasing our savings for the things we do need.

Pledge to Buy Nothing New during October and challenge over consumption.

You’ll have more time on your hands and money in your pockets."

I'm pledging but I rarely buy new, I do shop and I shop well though (my bursting cupboards are proof of that!!). 

I feel uneasy though buying from mass produced shops where goods are either too cheap and my heart tells me someone somewhere isn't getting paid what they should or I see items that are far too overpriced and I still feel without knowing the maths behind the $ I'm not willing to part with my cash.

I love handmade though, give me markets where you can see the pride on the faces of the creators and the love they have put into their masterpieces!  This month I will not buy new though, handmade or not!

Here's some food for thought!!

Check out Recycled Market on Facebook - A page dedicated to spreading the love with a website due soon. 
Recycled Market

If you have a love of Op Shopping please check out I Op Therefore I Am, I've contributed a couple of posts but the variety of what people find and treasure is great

I love this reclaimed bathtub as well found on Greenopolis

Don't forget the classics as well for great items

Ebay - Check out this sweet cubby house

Etsy - Find items like this vintage comic pendant from  this shop - Comic Salvage

SHE IS TROUBLE Recycled vintage comic book necklace

I'll try to share some of my finds, some are keepers and some can be found on my Ebay Shop

Glomesh style 70's metal handbag $29.95 including free postage within Australia

Vintage 80's leopard print minidress by Miss Brown $24.95 including free postage within Australia

May 12, 2011

This week - a bit random

Apologies for the randomness of this!

Well tomorrow sees me volunteering for the first time, it's a community based initiative where you're only asked to commit to 30 minutes a week or an hour a fortnight.  I'm nervous but pleased to be doing it.  I'll be donating my.... "company" and hopefully it will make someone's afternoon not break it!

I'd hate to think loneliness would factor into any one's life but when you become more elderly, less mobile and less independent I'm guessing that meeting new people face to face becomes limited.  I'll hopefully not bore them to tears!  Happens to coincide with National Volunteering Week (May 9-15th) For more info click here Volunteering Australia

I've also decided to run a race, I don't intend to win it but I do intend to finish it.  It's a 5km fun run in early July on the outskirts of Melbourne.  I've been to a few events where the atmosphere is electric and I've seen all ages, shapes and sizes completing it and I say to myself "I could do that" well I bloomin am!  It will entail some effort and commitment though but I'm looking forward to the challenge, I miss challenges and hopefully this is a first of a few I'm aiming to set myself for this year. I will attempt not to run too much like Phoebe from Friends but will hopefully have as much fun as her!  I'll also be working out and have found some AWESOME inspiration!!

Now go workout everyone!

May 06, 2011

The Glitz and the Glamour

Oh my life is so glamorous it's unbelievable, Vegemite up my jumper, cat biscuits through the kitchen, don't get me started on the washing placed just by the basket, not quite in it but just by it!!

Possible why when I'm off out op shopping (thrifting) I'm drawn to the not so casual.

One of my local shops Family Life in Chelsea had this 80s strapless floral number - 50% off? Yes please, pretty peachy pink please! Great shop with a boutique feel but still reasonable (op shop) prices and the music always makes me happy, think Rat Pack.

This was bought on the Melbourne Op Shop Tour I went on hosted by Erica of Recycled Fashion that was featured on Coxy's Big Break last weekend, yes I can be seen but I kept my mouth shut for fear of saying something like "Radical", "Down with the kids" or "Da Bomb".  I have a habit of making an idiot of myself when there's a big enough audience and national telly was too dangerous!  It's a gorgeous cotton maxi dress that I think is stunning.  It was bought from Vinnies and had 20% off with an extra 10% discounted because we were on the tour.

Finally this is such a great colour and really timeless I think and also bought on the Op Shop tour in Brighton

It's great to see adorable clothes being donated to charity and people valuing Op Shops and the reuse of goods in general.  I've always wanted to volunteer but with having a toddler committing to a set time has been an issue.  I have now managed to raise over $1,000 for the Salvation Army by listing clothes purchased from their Chelsea Heights Shop on Ebay - latest listing here including a Trelise Cooper skirt on at 99c!  Dogstar Bazaar

Happy Op Shopping this weekend and Happy Mothers Day to those celebrating in Australia x Vicky